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Creating Surface Styles In Civil 3D


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What Is A Surface Style?
Creating Surface Styles In Civil 3D

The strength of Autodesk Civil 3D is that most of your design features are intelligent objects instead of individual components that need to be redrawn and updated every time you make a change. This is obvious in the most important of all Civil 3D objects: the surface. Surfaces are no longer an external text file that has to be re-read and re-built for each modification; it’s a physical object inside your drawing that will graphically update as you make changes to the design. The key of course is controlling those graphic updates so that you’re getting the output you need for your construction documents. Like all objects in C3D, surface display is controlled by a “display style” setting from the C3D Toolspace palette. There, you can develop as many different display options as your imagination can come up with, so you can change the look of your entire surface with a quick click of the mouse. Let’s go through the process of developing a display style for surfaces in C3D.

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