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Build And Customize AutoCAD Tool Palettes


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Sharing Your Palettes
Build And Customize AutoCAD Tool Palettes
James Coppinger

To share your customized palettes with everyone in your CAD group, copy the folder containing the palettes out to a shared network location. You can find where your tool palettes are located by going to the TOOLS > OPTIONS function and looking at the “Tool Palette Files Location” path as shown above. Use the “Browse” button to change that path to the shared network location you want everyone to use. Lastly, you’ll want to find the “Profile.aws” file from you source system, such as: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Application Data\Autodesk\C3D 2012\enu\Support\Profiles\C3D_Imperial, which is where my Civil 3D profile is located, and copy it to the same location on every user’s machine.

There you have it: simple steps to creating a fully customize too palette for your users! How are you working with tool palettes at your firm? Anything you want to add to this conversation?

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